Message from the Principal

message from principal

Knowledge is not limited, therefore education shouldn’t be either. I believe that everyone has a potential that can be triggered with the right education and guidance. We, here at Janata Secondary School, help students explore their potential by providing proper education and help them choose appropriate courses. I am obliged to say that the school is doing well with the immense support we get from the guardians and well-trained staffs.

I thank the staff members, stakeholders, local public and the guardians from the bottom of my heart for their roles in making this school what it is today. We have come a long way and this has been possible with their support and patience. I hope they will continue to do the same and help us grow so that it would also benefit the students to perform and exploit proper technical materials of modern day education. As the advancements in technology seems to have no bounds, why should the students be limited to traditional educational practices? The school understands this and has been working hard to provide better and better resources and equipment to the staff and students.

With Regards - Mr. Devendra Bd. Shaha

Principal - Janata Secondary School